Salaam Takaful Limited is one of the leading takaful operators in Pakistan, having the expertise and engagements with overseas Re-Takaful operators & assistance companies, enabling it to offer comprehensive coverage for large infrastructure projects, specialized risks, and umbrella/blanket covers especially tailored for Islamic banking operators as well as for large corporate groups. Over the years, Salaam Takaful Limited has served the most complex and deep-rooted issues in our community, providing high-quality, comprehensive solutions for all segments throughout the country.

Our brand ethos has always been built on trust, credibility, and industry knowledge – that’s what’s kept our business running seamlessly for the past years. We pride ourselves on our relationships and our ability to help, support, and protect the community. We have the passion to do things differently and create value for all our business partners and stakeholders under the highest standards of Shariah guidelines.

The company has undergone a strategic transformation to better leverage the society, at large with a mission that reflects a deep dedication to client success and relationships and with an innovative and global vision to serve larger markets. At Salaam Takaful Limited, we provide our clients with more than just exceptional Takaful coverages and risk management services.

Our participants are the center of the universe for us and their comfort is our utmost priority. We are the trusted partners they turn to from time to time, to obtain exceptional value and attain ‘Peace of mind…..Forever