Bioaqua Lighting up and Shedding Rice Gel Face Clean 140g

Bioaqua Lighting up and Peeling Rice Gel Face Clean 140g in Pakistan

Peeling gently skin is watery& smooth Eliminate cutin, skin is watery& smooth Contains rice organic fixings, clean and sustain skin, make skin delicate. Balance water as per skin state, keep the best skin express day in and day out. Safeguard skin Feed the skin, add the expected water. Saturating, saturating the skin smooth. Net weight 140 gram

Thing Type Lighting up and Peeling Gel Advantages Hostile to maturing Hydrating Saturating Brightening Smoothing. Fixing Plant Concentrate Against wrinkle Sustaining. Orientation Gender neutral Detailing Gel Utilize Entire Face Type A wide range Of Skin Net Wt 140g

How to Utilize?

Clean up. Put the cream on your skin. Knead delicately and hang tight for 15 to 20 minutes until engrossing. Clean your skin. Eliminate toughness shows smooth skin. Peeling smooth. Peeling Gel Decision for delicate and gentle! This item contains particles, rub skin, clean cutin, make skin delicate with shine, cream, care skin, gentle and delicate, further develop skin