Effortlessly control large Outlook PST files with the Hassle-Free Split PST Tool with the aid of SameTools Software. This user-pleasant answer offers an unbroken way to cut up an oversized PST file into a smaller, more practicable PST file, improving Outlook’s overall performance and efficiency. The Wizard ensures a problem-free experience for users of all tiers. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced user, splitting a PST file is a breeze with SameTools.

The software presents numerous splitting options, allowing customization based totally on data size, date, folder, or unique criteria, catering to numerous user needs. This ensures that none of the data on the partition of the PST file is compromised or misplaced.

This tool effectively breaks PST files on a large scale without compromising Outlook. Its compatibility with all Outlook versions makes it a versatile solution for users across different environments. Experience intuitive Outlook PST file management with SameTools’ Split PST tool, streamline your PST file and optimize the overall performance of Outlook effortlessly.