Looking for Quality standard & Energy Efficient Pump Manufacturers in Coimbatore for your Industry? Find out Industrial Pumps Suppliers’ range of heavy, robust, and durable Industrial pump manufacturers in India

Why Choose us?

TFT Pumps is an ISO certified Pump Suppliers Coimbatore and pioneers in supplying energy-efficient pumps and motors with its latest series of new advanced energy operated pumps have emerged as a prestigious brand in domestic and international markets.

Services & Products Offered from TFTpumps:

  • Pump Selection
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Field study
  • Commissioning and installation
  • After-sales Service
  • Technical seminars
  • Re-manufacturing
  • Rental services

We at TFT rent out our exclusive range of dewatering pumps daily, weekly or monthly. Our wide reach in South India makes us accessible for rental services. Our customers can rent out based on their demands without the need to expend their resources in buying the pump.

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