Method to use Lichen Black Hair Color shampoo:

Do skin allergy test 48 hours before use. Wet your hair thoroughly. Put on gloves. Pour two component bottles by 1:1 into a container. Mix them gently (The quantity depends on the length of hair). Put the mixture onto your hair and massage for 5 minutes until the foam is evenly spread on hair. Rinse well with water.

Lichen Black Hair Color shampoo Advantages:

You will get the results very quickly. Lichen black hair color shampoo does not affect the hair and hair growth. Similar to every other shampoo, this very easy to handle, you just have to apply on your wet hairs. Gives initial good results at the very beginning Lichen black hair color shampoo has an aromatic fragrance that makes this shampoo gives a pleasant effect .

Makes the hair soft and manageable. Is suitable for all weather conditions. Lichen Black Hair Color shampoo Review 100%Lichen Black Hair Color Shampoo is one of the finest and leading brand becoming popular in Pakistan, as most of the people want to know about its review. Let me tell you this product has 100% good reviews as it gives healthy nourished and smooth, manageable hair and also leaves an aromatic fragrance.

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