NTN Registration – Salaries.

Completion Time: 1 – 2 Hours

Service Price: 1000Rs


  •  Color copy of CNIC
  •  Electricity bill or Address Proof.
  •  Phone Number ( Not Register in FBR)
  •  Email address: Optional

NTN Registration – Business (Sole Proprietor)

Service Price: Rs. 2000

Completion Time: 1 – 2 Hours.


  •  Color copy of CNIC
  •  Rent agreement or ownership Proof of Office premises Address.
  •  Letterhead
  •  Electricity bill
  •  Phone Number (Not Register in FBR)
  •  Email address (Optional)

NTN Registration – Partnership or AOP

Service Price:    Rs. 8000.

Completion Time: 24 Hours Service.


  •  Partnership Deed (If Don`t Have Extra Charges 3000RsFor Partnership 15000Rs For AOP)
  •  Partnership Deed/ AOP Registration certificate.
  •  Authorization of principal Officer
  •  Color copy of CNIC’s of All Partners
  •  Rent agreement/ownership Proof of Office premises Address.
  •  Letterhead
  •  Electricity bill
  •  Phone Number of Authorized Partner
  •  Email address (Company Email Or We Provide Free of Cost)

  NTN Registration – (SECP Registered) Private Limited, SMC, Public Limited, LLP Companies.

Service Price: Rs. 10000.

Completion Time: 24 Hours 

  •  SECP Incorporation Certificate (True Certified Copy)
  •  Memorandum & Articles (MOA) (True Certified Copy)
  • Articles of Association (AOA) (True Certified Copy)
  •  Authorization of principal Officer with Authority Letter on Letterhead.
  •  Color copy of CNIC’s of Partners
  •  Rent agreement/ownership Proof of Office premises/Address.
  •  Electricity bill
  •  Phone Number of Authorized Director or CEO/CFO.
  •  Email address (If Not We Can Provide Free of Cost)


Rs. 15000Rs

Requirements: Completion Time: 24-48 Hours.

  •  NTN of all members (If Not We Can Create For Each Person 1000Rs)
  •  Registration Certificate
  •  Constitution of NPO/Memorandum
  •  Authorization of principal Officer
  •  Color copy of CNIC’s of Members/Trustee or Director’s.
  •  Rent agreement/ownership Proof of Office premises.
  •  Letterhead with Authority Letter of Principal Officer with Stamp.
  •  Electricity bill
  •  Phone Number of Authorized Person.
  •  Email address
  •  Any other document as required by the concerned authority

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