Online Attendance & HR Management Software –, Upgrade your organization’s internal performance by using our LogSafe Software. One of the safest Attendance & HR Management Software. Start Free Trial: Sign up for a 14-day Free Trial. Only 5 mins to set-up. Sign up today at just Rs.999 per year.

Features of Logsafe:

LogSafe offers the safest path to manage & keep eye on your employee’s data up to date. It’s a robust Human Resource Management System Software.

HR Software Management Company in India – Monthly plan Rs.999/User Automate HR Functions from Attendance to Payroll and Recruitment to Retirement, Reports.  Increase your organization’s productivity & control over employees.

LogSafe with its unique technology helps organizations manage attendance & payroll in real time & online platform for employees and managers to track attendance in a secure environment managed by administrators.

Free 24/7 HRM Software for 3 months with Annual Subscription plans. Limited Period Offer.

Notable Highlights:

  • Payroll Outsourcing – Approve Payroll Within a Single Click. Save Time and Increase Efficiency with Payroll Outsourcing Services
  • HRMS Software – Save Time and Increase Efficiency with LogSafe Services
  • Request a Demo – You Can See How Our HRMS Solutions Can Benefit Your company
  • Testimonials – Read What Clients Are Saying About Our HRMS Solutions

Functions of Logsafe:

  • Attendance Management System – Keeps track of your employee hours
  • Leave Management – offering the set of processes that controls the application, approval and tracking of employee leave in an organization
  • Time Sheets – Details of amount of time an employee spent at work
  • Generation of Overall Reports (Attendance, Leave, Salary)
  • Petty Cash Payments (Instant Transfer Individual Reports Monthly Statements)
  • Daily Stats (In real time location wise)
  • Notification – Create meeting or schedule & share with employees
  • Salary Calculations, Payments & Slips (Real time, Over time, Bonus)

Benefits of HRMS:

  • Automated HRM Software saves your valuable time by monitoring employee functions
  • It will give you all information about your employees at your fingertips
  • HRMS makes it easier to grow your employees & helping you build a more skilled effective workforce
  • Cloud-based software provides high-end protection to escape from flood, fire, etc. you can access data from anywhere with high security
  • It will monitor your employee’s leave, sickness more easily
  • It is cost-effective, affordable, easy to use and efficient solution
  • HRMS will helps you to take better decision at the difficult time
  • It’ll improve your regulatory compliance
  • The cloud-based, real-time HRMS tracker features in mobile app that allows employees to check in from any location

A complete automated End-to-End HRMS platform from onboarding to exit designed for modern businesses. Create a Future-Ready Workforce by Building Demand Skills.

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