Steam Hair Straightener Brush In Pakistan | Straightening | Wellmart

About steam does not come out problems:

The fourth step is the most important:

Step 1: Inject pure water in the water tank.

Step 2: Power on setting temperature

Step 3: Rotate Setting Steam gear

Step 4: Open the closing splint 3-5 times, merged splint for 2-4 seconds, steam will appear.

How does the steam come out:

When you open the steam button, there is a bladder protruding inside the splint. When you close the splint, there is a button on the splint and the protruding air bag will transport the water from the water tank to the splint. When the temperature reaches, when you When you straighten or curl your hair, steam will appear.

What should you do if the water leak?

When opening the steam button, Don’t close the splint quickly and frequently, otherwrise the splint to store too much water. When the splint is heated quickly, the water stored in the splint will boil quickly, making it difficult to transform the water Steam, causing water leakage. If water leakage occurs, please wait for the water stored in the splint to evaporate and then use.