One of Bangalore’s top schools for BBA+PGDM education is GIBS BSchool Bangalore with a good free structure and high-quality production. GIBS Bangalore is known for its industry-oriented curriculum and excellent faculty members. The course curriculum resonates with the industry, and after the completion, the students are nothing but thorough professionals. GIBS BSchool of Management Excellence offers programs that combine key facets of management and economic principles focused on the vital domains.

When it comes to placement, GIBS Bangalore has been successfully offering 100% Placements in PGDM consistently over the years. Some of the prominent recruiters include Volvo, Vistara, Diesel, Crisil, Reliance, Tech Mahindra, Panasonic, Shell, SpiceJet, Nestle and Mahindra Satyam.

The highest placement package is Rs15.5 LPA and the average placement package is Rs7.4 LPA.

The idea of providing GIBS Finishing School Programme + IRE Talks, which help students integrate their learning and improve their readiness for chances in the corporate sector, was invented by GIBS.

Students also have the option to specialise in industry minors such IT, automotive, telecom, banking, e-commerce, digital, logistics, analytics, and more to further the integration with industry.

So GIBS Bangalore is the best choice in terms of placement and ROI.