7 Days Blast 36 Capsule Online Shopping In Pakistan About 7 Days Blast 36 Capsule

7 Days Blast 36 Capsule is a fully natural oil using the Ayurveda herb Jhau, Gambhari, Kaling, Arand, Kateri, Nagbala, Gorakmund, Lazzavanti, Babool, and Til Tail. It is known to be anti-aging, shaping, and uplifting sagging fat muscles, No Mineral Oil uses all-natural herbs for this oil.

Ingredients of 7 Days Blast 36 Capsule

Some of the ingredients used in 7 Days Blast 36 Capsule are as follows:

  • Ayurveda herb Jhau
  • Gambhari
  • Kaling
  • Arand
  • Kateri



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