Leading Real Estate Company

The Defense Housing Authority (DHA) is a leading real estate company that governs the housing and municipal services of Defense districts across Pakistan. DHA allows the construction of residences and commercial buildings according to defined parameters, to create a safe and ecological infrastructure.

DHA Islamabad – Rawalpindi

DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi have a vision of adjusting the face of living concepts in Pakistan through a holistic yet progressive concept of “DHA Community System” by extending a complete experience in living, housing and different levels and options for investments and commercial activities under a controlled and dependable environment.
Phase – 1st
DHA phase I clinical trial Community has been meticulously planned and designed to best standards so as to present residents with an exceptional way of life and quality living during a semi mountainous area with breath taking views. Residents are enjoying contemporary lifestyle that’s the exclusive of DHA.
Phase – 2nd
Nestled between Grand highroad and Islamabad Highway lies our DHA phase II clinical trial comprising of approx. 15,076kanals. All the sectors are fully urbanized and now home to variety of families. This Phase exhibits peace, harmony, security, luxury and convenience.
Phase – 3rd
Located within the heart of enchanting Potohar Region, DHA phase III clinical trial promises elegant city planning with beating heart concept comprising modernized residential and commercial areas. Its town plan also encompasses a golf links , amusement park and a lake (already constructed). Development of this Phase has commenced since Jan 2017 with full swing then far 1049 Kanal has been fully developed while earthwork of 3801 kanal (approx) has been completed.
Phase – 4th
Designed over a neighborhood of approx 4001 Kanals, DHA phase IV clinical trials is found adjacent to Orchard Area, DHA phase I clinical trial along Soan River. Beautifully set during a semi-hilly area having eye catching natural landscape with contoured terraces providing scenic view to residents. The natural topography has been respected to the best possible extent while trying to realize a viable number of plots with a cheap and well-engineered infrastructure of civic and municipal services. The project will offer high-end amenities with recreational facilities & green areas.
Phase – 5th
Formerly launched as Commoner’s Town in 2006, over a neighborhood of approx 7001 kanals, it’s been renamed as DHA Phase V with Sector A, B, C, D,E, F, G & H. Phase-V is found along the most Islamabad Highway, having dual access through DHA Expressway and L.A.K Boulevard. It exists within the area, which has tremendous landscape and natural beauty.

DHA Lahore

Defense Housing Authority Lahore, DHAL is a (nationally recognized) organization that has endeavored to offer the people of Pakistan an opportunity to live the innovative models of modern life. In line with the latest world developments in the field of Urban and Community Management, it has added the grandeur of our cities and communities. Based on the elements of strategic urban planning, development and sustainability, he carried out his residential and commercial projects. By introducing modern projects in the construction of homes, infrastructure and associated essential facilities, he gave a new life to “Living Defense”, which is beautifully energetic, attractive and vibrant and conveniently habitable. Our emphasis continues to remain on building our communities with the essence of our sociocultural and religious traditions and needs. We expect our future urban dwellings to be more friendly, modern and green.


With a good faith start, the Pakistan Defense Officers Housing Authority was established for the welfare of honorable officers of the Pakistan Armed Forces. The main objective was to provide exceptional living standards to officers who have served the state for years. The Housing Society began with a plot of just 76 acres of land, but through remarkable planning and meticulous urban development, DHA has evolved into the largest and most important residential property in the country. DHA deeply has the privilege of being the only housing authority that provides the world-class environment and the well-protected community with quality living amenities. Due to the promising growth and advancement, through leadership, vision and innovation, DHA has prepared itself to be the preferred housing supplier in the country. The authority regulates impeccable functioning with a well-managed and governed administration, offering the best educational, recreational, cultural and civic facilities to residents in an ideal aesthetic environment.

DHAK has achieved a valuable status, serving as a benchmark for providing unparalleled standards of living in Pakistan. Currently, the Pakistani Defense Officers’ Housing Authority owns and manages an area of ​​8,799 hectares, serving several families. It has 81,490 members, including officers from the armed forces, civilians and legal heirs of deceased members. DHA has a vast network of roads spread over 467 km, water supply in 605 km and sewage in 475 km.

DHA Bahawalpur

Since its inception, DHA Bahawalpur has been circumventing the lifestyle concept of the main community. DHA has become the epitome of the development and creation of homes and communities for diverse populations. DHAB are growing progressively, but at a sustainable pace, focused more on reliability in the development of communities. DHAB has become a brand and has placed an enormous responsibility on charting our course of growth and expansion.

Offering a remarkable opportunity to deliver a sustainable, integrated and world-class city, to enable the people of Bahawalpur to live, work and learn in a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable way. Provide a holistically planned municipality, complemented by residential, commercial, institutional, cultural, civic and recreational opportunities to create the desired lifestyle.

DHA Multan

Multan is in central Pakistan and, being the fifth most populous city in Pakistan, it lacks a well-organized and comprehensive housing society. DHA Multan offers the highest standard of living, along with the requirements of the social, political and economic center of southern Punjab.

DHA Multan is making joint efforts to monitor planning and development. The continued development of the infrastructure on the DHA website is proof of rapid, unobstructed, high-quality development. The start of the DHA Villages, the nursery and events complex, the development of the sectors and the road infrastructure indicate the determination of the DHA team to make it habitable.

DHAM will become an independent housing society, with notable ramps of reference in all facets of the development and well-being of the community. In the coming years, DHA Multan will become the preferred choice of homeowners in Multan, emerging as a dynamic project that will have all the potential to provide a modern, safe and comfortable living environment for honorable citizens of Multan, Punjab or Pakistan.

DHA Peshawar

The idea of ​​establishing DHAP was conceived in 2007. The evolution of DHAP went through processes of complete deliberations, identification and selection of the number of locations, legalities, legislative needs and land acquisition. DHAP is a statutory body formed under the KPK Assembly Law, called DHAP Act 2009. With a firm legal and legislative basis, the Authority has embarked on the task of providing a sustainable, healthy and first-class housing society for the population of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa .

This housing society is taking off with remarkable planning and meticulous urban development to finally evolve as Khyber Pakhtunkhawa’s largest and main residential property. DHAP deeply enjoys the privilege of being the first housing authority ever determined to provide the world-class environment in a well-kept community with all the essential amenities to add quality to life, promising growth and advancement. The Authority regulates impeccable operation with a well-managed and governed administration that strives to provide the best educational, recreational and civic facilities to residents in an aesthetic environment in search of their vision. DHAP has achieved a valuable status through innovation, setting a benchmark for its competitors for offering the best standards of living in the Province.

DHA Quetta

Defense Housing Authority Quetta, Balochistan is a corporate body created under the Balochistan Assembly Act No. XI of 2015 that strives to bring the state of the art, safe living and business environment to Quetta. In line with the latest world developments in the field of urban and community development, this would increase the grandeur of the city. Based on principles of sustainable development, conservation of the environment and energy, it would develop residential and commercial projects that would make life at DHA Quetta a pleasant experience for the next generations.

This event acted in a deliberate and intricate appraisal process, involving a wide range of different analyzes and researches, such as: geography, topography, demography, ecology, sociology, economics, hydrology and other diasporic, cultural and urban studies that focus on current local trends. This led to the crystallization of different options for future Defense Housing Authority projects in Quetta.