The Vehicle sales in Pakistan are increasing despite of the increase in prices. Several local and foreign manufacturers like Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Kia, Daihatsu, MG, Faw and United etc, are selling their Sedan Car and SUVs in Pakistan. Here is that the list of top ten (10) most popular vehicles or Cars in Pakistan 2021-2022.

Toyota Corolla

In 1967 Toyota Corolla was publicized in Japan. However, in 1993 Toyota Indus Motors revealed Corolla for Pakistani customers. Toyota car company is 2nd largest manufactures in the world, its luxurious style, performance, and advanced features make it a best-selling car brand of Pakistan.

The Corolla (Sedan) is Pakistan’s hottest car in terms of sales volume with on the brink of more than 790,000 units sold so far. it’s also been the nobody selling car within the Asian region and therefore the third highest selling car within the world for several years.

The Latest Corolla is out there in several variants like Xli, GLi, Altis and Altis Grande. All accompany different features with different prices (2021)

VariantEx-factory Price
Altis MT 1.8PKR. 3,549,000/-
Altis Cvt-i 1.8PKR. 3,699,000/-
Altis Grande Cvt-i 1.8 (Beige Interior)PKR. 3,979,000/-
Altis Grande Cvt-i 1.8 (Black Interior)PKR. 3,999,000/-
Toyota Corolla Prices in Pakistan

Honda Civic

In 1972 the primary Honda Civic was revealed in Japan. In Pakistan, this vehicle was presented in 1994 by Honda Atlas Cars. Honda Civic Latest generation is taken into account because the most advanced and highly featured.

Honda’s sales are hooked in to both Civic and City. While Civic’s sales are rapidly rising thanks tons to its new sporty look, which looks luxury.

Its exterior & interior looks great with highly advanced features.

VariantEx-factory Price
Honda civic 1.8 l i-VtecPKR. 3,729,000/-
Honda civic 1.8 l i-Vtec orielPKR. 3,979,000/-
Civic 1.5l Vtec Turbo OrielPKR. 4,449,000/-
Civic 1.5 Rs-TurboPKR. 4,699,000/-
Honda Civic Car Prices in Pakistan

Honda City

In 1981, Honda city was revealed in Japan. Honda Atlas Pakistan introduced this car in year 2000 for the Pakistani market.

The City has always been a crowd favorite. This car takes up the third spot amongst locally produced cars.

VariantEx-factory Price
Honda city 1.3l MtPKR. 2,449,000/-
Honda city 1.3l AtPKR. 2,639,000/-
Honda city 1.5l MtPKR. 2,529,000/-
Honda city 1.5l AtPKR. 2,699,000/-
City aspire 1.5l MtPKR. 2,699,000/-
City aspire 1.5l AtPKR. 2,859,000/-
Honda City Prices in Pakistan

Changan Alsvin

In the Chinese language, CHANG means lasting and AN means safety. Therefore, CHANG AN together represents the thought of “LASTING SAFETY”. We sincerely hope that Changan will bring you both safety and happiness. Changan Alsvin is the new comer in the Pakistani market and attract the customers very fast.

As one of the highest four automobiles groups in China and therefore the top selling domestic Chinese automotive brand, Changan Automobiles boasts an industrial history stretching back 153 years. With 32 years of experience in building and selling passenger vehicles, Changan is an early leader within the Chinese auto industry.

VariantEx-factory Price
Alsvin Comfort 1.37lPKR. 2,199,000/-
Alsvin Comfort 1.5lPKR. 2,399,000
LumierePKR. 2,549,000
Changan Alsvin Prices in Pakistan

Suzuki Alto

The Alto performs well in town, where good all-round visibility and a compact footprint make it easy to drive. Suzuki Alto looks very cute and pretty.

Suzuki Alto. an entire New Look that matches the fashionable world and beckons for a drive within the city. one among the foremost fuel efficient cars around. Compact and classy from the surface. Surprisingly spacious on the within. Alto VXR is that the only, most well equipped affordable hatchback in 660CC category in Pakistan.

With the R-series engine equipped with drive-by-wire technology, experience the smoothness and amazing fuel efficiency.

The new Suzuki Alto may be a true definition of ‘wonderful things are available small packages’. Easy to drive around, park around and make a U-turn thanks to its compact design and excellent turning radius of 4.2 m.

A peek into its elegant interior with new seat fabric design and a two tone dashboard is certain to ask you to feel the richness of its refreshing new cabin.

VariantEx-factory price
Suzuki Alto VXLPKR. 16,33,000/-
Suzuki Alto VXRPKR. 14,33,000/-
Suzuki Alto VXPKR. 1,198,000/-
Suzuki Alto Price in Pakistan

Kia Picanto

The Kia Picanto is that the smallest car purchasable in PK Kia dealers. it is a strong contender within the city car class, because of impressive interior dimensions for its size, a competitive list and low insurance and everyday running costs.

All versions of the Picanto accompany five doors as standard and there is an easy engine line-up, plus the choice of an automatic gearbox do you have to prefer one. There’s even an SUV-aping X-Line version, although that’s more about appealing looks than real rough-and-tumble driving.

Kia Picanto starts from PKR 1,899,000 in Pakistan.

Suzuki Wagon R

The Suzuki Wagon R may be a kei car delivered by the Japanese producer Suzuki since 1993. However, Pak-Suzuki propelled the new Wagon R in 2014. it’s available in 2 different variants that are VXL and VXR. Over 26,000 units were sold from January 2020 to November 2020.

The 1st Generation Suzuki Wagon R was introduced in 2014. Suzuki Wagon R 2021 may be a front engine front wheel drive hatchback. Suzuki Wagon R 2021 features the fresh Suzuki K-Series engine that’s more economical and quieter than most of the opposite engines fitted in Pak Suzuki’s range of cars. 

The first Generation Suzuki Wagon R is out there in 2 variants Wagon R VXR and Wagon R VXL. Suzuki Wagon R 2021 price in Pakistan ranges between Rs. 1,640,000 To 1,890,000


Suzuki Mehran Car 2021 belongs to the 2nd generation which was introduced in 2012. The 2nd generation of Suzuki Mehran Car featured a series of minor cosmetic upgrades and an engine upgrade that made it Euro II compliant.

The remaining aspects of the Mehran Car are just like the first generation. However, all the variant will now accompany an Immobilizer.

The Suzuki Mehran Car comes in 4 variants Mehran VX, VX CNG, VXR and VXR CNG. Suzuki Mehran price in Pakistan isn’t competitive within the market.

Suzuki Mehran was a rebadged version of the Second-generation Suzuki Alto CA/CC71, Manufactured by Pak Suzuki Motors. it had been  introduced  because the successor to the classic Suzuki FX, a rebadged First Generation Suzuki Alto (SS80S).

Upon its introduction to the Pakistani market in 1989, the Suzuki Mehran had a retail price of PKR. 90,000. In November 2016, the Suzuki Mehran sold for around 650,000 Pakistani rupee ($3892). Now the production of Suzuki Mehran has been stopped or closed in Pakistan.

Suzuki Cultus

Suzuki Cultus is that the supermini vehicle that’s revealed by the Japanese producer Suzuki in 1983. Right now, it’s accessible in three models: VXR, VXL, and Auto Gear Shift. Over 18,000 units were sold from January 2020 to November 2020.

Variant Ex-Factory Price
Cultus VXR1,780,000/-
Cultus VXL1,970,000/-
Cultus AGS2,130,000/-
Suzuki Cultus Prices in Pakistan

Toyota Aqua

Toyota Aqua is that the another name of Toyota Prius C. The Toyota Aqua is that the third model from the Prius family. It contains the blended features of Toyota Yaris sized automobile with the hybrid power. Its fuel efficiency is additionally better than several cars available within the same price range.

More than 6,000 units are imported to Pakistan which suggests that the import rate is enhanced by 50%.

In 2020, import rate is improved as over 5,000 units imported to Pakistan. an outsized number of individuals buy Suzuki Every in Pakistan thanks to the high capaciousness.